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The mission of “Usability” Foundation is to help individuals and organizations to understand and use qualitative and quantitative data. Our goal is to support organisations, designers and researchers to improve their performance and effectiveness through shared knowledge and guidelines for decision-making processes. We bring opportunities, technology and tools to people around the world to learn how to perform the right usability testing, web and mobile UX, collect, systematize, secure and use data to reach the most effective results possible. As a core activity, we also provide education, training, prequalification and remote job opportunities for testers.

Our main goal is to provide our community and society with direct access to up-to-date and quality information on all activities that affect decision-making processes. We strive to present this information in easy and understandable language.

We are open to collaboration with people who are willing to donate part of their time to produce useful and practical publications. The materials don’t have to be written in an academic style or with complex technical terms. It is important for us that our readers receive reliable information, based on which they know how to increase productivity and build a brighter future. Become part of the “Usability” Foundation team!

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    “Usability” Foundation with ID No. 206248035 is a non-profit organization in public benefit, specialising in data, information technology, digitalization, training and job creation with the long-term goal to work only for the prosperity of civil society. The foundation is a self-governing non-profit registered in the Republic of Bulgaria (European Union) which performs only non-commercial activities in accordance with its mission.