The mission of “Usability” Foundation is to help individuals and organizations to understand and use qualitative and quantitative data. Our goal is to support organisations, designers and researchers to improve their performance and effectiveness through shared knowledge and guidelines for decision-making processes. We bring opportunities, technology and tools to people around the world to learn how to perform the right usability testing, web and mobile UX, collect, systematize, secure and use data to reach the most effective results possible. As a core activity, we also provide education, training, prequalification and remote job opportunities for testers.

Usability testing, also called user testing, is a process in which a group of representative users test how easy it is to use a particular design. It could be done for different types of designs – of a product, service, website, etc. When you test the usability of your design, you identify flaws and problems and get vital insights about how functional, usable and desirable it is. Based on the results, you will be able to efficiently find solutions and make improvements. The outcome is enhanced users experience without waste of resources, time and workflow.

“Usability” Foundation was founded on the principle that sharing knowledge makes the world a better place.Since then, we have been building a platform to do just that. We provide access to free useful resources and knowledge which will increase productivity and build a brighter future for organisations, individuals and their communities.

On usabilityfoundation.org, everyone could learn how to leverage the power of good design, great UX, usability testing, data collection and analysis and digital solutions.

We also create remote job opportunities by training and educating testers and different QA positions thus working for economic and employment stability. Work-from-anywhere positions are especially wanted because of the freedom and flexibility they offer. Given the state of today’s workplace, having the ability to work from anywhere truly enables people to be passionate about what they do for a living. We give individuals independence which supports mental health and changes their lives for the better.

“Usability” Foundation with ID No. 206248035 is a non-profit organization in public benefit, specialising in data, information technology, digitalization, training and job creation with the long-term goal to work only for the prosperity of civil society. The foundation is a self-governing non-profit registered in the Republic of Bulgaria (European Union) which performs only non-commercial activities in accordance with its mission.

What We Do

Our main goal is to help and educate our community to achieve their goals by providing knowledge of creative, innovative and digital skills in the technical age we live in. To this end, we carry out the following activities:

Dialogue and Discussions

Discover intelligent and creative solutions tailored to your unique needs in digital assistance, with collaboration and guidance by “Usability” Foundation members.

Training and Leadership

Choose from on-site training resources featuring in-depth and applicable information. We strive to implement interactive activities, impactful data and dynamic presentations.

Research and Exploration

Access studies and findings affecting the information technology field. We aim to present reliable reporting and analysis to advance quality measurement and improvement.

Tools and Resources

Learn and implement effective practices and tools at your organisation through a robust library of webinars, guidelines, manuals, outlines, videos, and articles.